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Nourian Female Lawyer — Personal Injury in Dallas, TX

Immigration Law Attorney Morrie Pour Nourian

Morrie Pour Nourian is one of very few immigration attorneys in DFW who ONLY practices Immigration. His knowledge is vast and his expertise cannot be compared. He truly believes in helping people and doing everything he can to change people's lives. Mr. Nourian is a firm and strong advocate for his clients. He does not shy away from a challenge. In fact, it drives him to be better every day.

Making a Difference In People's Lives

Mr. Nourian understands the plight of people desiring a better life for their families. He knows what hard work is and he wants to offer everyone he meets the opportunity to achieve the AMERICAN DREAM. He has studied Internationally and in the United States. His experience over the years has provided him the “know how” to get things done. He cares about his clients and does everything he can for them, including being tough when the time is right. He has earned a reputation for being a strong, no-nonsense, FIGHTER for his client's rights. Mr. Nourian has successfully represented hundreds of people over the years. He has achieved successful results and has received endorsements and recommendations from many of other attorneys and judges. He shares his time helping those in need navigate their legal troubles and has even been featured on FOX News as an immigration law advisor.
Nourian Female Lawyer — Personal Injury in Dallas, TX

Personal Injury Attorney Pantea Pourabbas

Pantea Pourabbas is a hands on and involved Personal Injury Attorney. She cares about each and everyone of her clients and their families. She oversees everything that has to do with your case and fights for her clients rights to the fullest. If you want someone you can call on when you need something, she is the attorney for you!

Pantea attended Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas at Dallas in obtaining a degree in Finance. With her Bachelors degree, Pantea went on to a career in 4 and 5 star Restaurant Management in Dallas. She left her position as General Manager for Stephan Pyles Restaurants to pursue her dream of being a Lawyer. She obtained her Juris Doctor from St. Mary's Law School in San Antonio, where she also worked for the St. Mary's legal clinic as a student attorney and was published through her work as a research assistant.

Pantea has clerked in many different areas of the law; working for Goldstein, Goldstein, and Hilley in San Antonio, the Jingsh Law Firm in Beijing, several Personal Injury law firms in the Dallas area and has finally joined her father here at Nourian Law. Pantea was raised in Dallas and has great ties to this city. She is lucky to pull on her contacts to raise the bar in customer service, client relations, strong negotiations, and to work tirelessly for her clients.
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